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Mou’an team is committed to manufacturing and offering our valued customers with well qualified and cost-effective packaging materials. That may include PP woven bags, Bopp laminated PP woven sacks, PP Woven fabric rolls, Kraft paper laminated PP woven bags and other relative packaging materials.

PP (polypropylene) woven bags are widely used as basic packaging materials in agricultural and industrial applications, it’s regularly in tubular shape and sewn in the bottom, users could fill their products from the open top of the bags. PP woven sacks could be coated or non-coated types for different prevention purpose. 1-6colors of artworks could be printed on both sides of the bags via flexographic method.

For brand building and marketing promotion, the limitations of flexographic printing used in ordinary woven bags cannot meet the high requirements of users for multi-colors. The composite woven bag obtained by laminating BOPP film printed with complex patterns with woven bag not only maintains the high strength of woven bag, but also appears with colorful looks of flexible packaging. It has become the best choice for the packaging as rice bag, flour bag, feed bag, fertilizer bag and so on.

Regularly in rolls, it’s a semi-finished product of polypropylene which has been circular woven but has not been cut into bags. The import tariff levied by many countries on semi-finished pp woven fabric rolls is much lower than that on finished woven bags, so processing plants around the world imported polypropylene woven fabric rolls and carry out cutting, sewing, printing and other processes in their own countries to save import tariffs. In addition, the woven cloth can also be cut into pieces for weeding, covering or as a base cloth for compounding with other materials.

Paper laminated woven bags, also known as Paper-poly bags, are combined bags constructed with a woven polypropylene bags and two sides of kraft paper material, it offered excellent performance of holding strength and moisture resistance. There are two types of kraft paper laminated woven sacks, side-joint type and middle joint type.

Taking woven fabric or polypropylene non-woven fabric as the basic material. Through printing, cutting, stitching and other processes, the handbag with tensile strength and gorgeous appearance is made, which can be used as shopping bag, gift bag, promotion bag and thermal insulation bag. Mornpackaging cooperates with local sewing processing enterprises with good qualifications and uses our woven polypropylene fabric for post processing, which has been widely praised for many years.

The whole packaging industry involves not only the packaging material itself, but also a lot of packaging accessories in the process of processing and after packaging. For polypropylene woven bags, th…


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