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Bopp Bags
Bopp Bags We are professionally on manufacturing Multicolor Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags which are precision produced by quality pp material that offers outstanding usage value. BOPP bags are new, advanced and attractive type of bulk packages from 5 kgs to 100 kgs. BOPP Bags have redefined the function of packaging, these bags would improve value to your Brand name with its high graphics impacts. Learn More
PP Woven Bags
PP Woven Bags PP, the abbreviation of polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic resin material that produced by the polymerization of propylene. Woven, or weaving is a method of putting many polypropylene tapes together from warp and weft directions to form them as pp woven fabric for some certain applications. To cut the tube shape of pp woven fabric into specific length, then sew it by one side, and let another side open, it then can be called a pp woven bag. Learn More
Paper Poly Bags
Paper Poly Bags Paper-poly bag, also known as three-in-one composite paper bag or laminated paper bag, is made of plastic and kraft paper. Usually, the plastic layer is pp woven fabric with pp polypropylene (pp) as the base material, and the kraft paper is made of refined kraft paper. The production process of laminated paper bags is to laminate the pp woven fabric and kraft paper together by extrusion adhesive material (PP+LPPE+EVA), then processed as bag by printing, gusseting, cutting and sewing.  Learn More
PP Woven Fabric
PP Woven Fabric PP woven fabric, short of polypropylene woven fabric, is the raw material of making pp woven bag. Normally with shape of tube, also available to make it as single or double sheets rolls. Mesh density from 7x7 to 14x14, thickness from 50gsm-160gsm, Denier from 500D to 2000D, Color can be nature white, bright white, translucent, transparent, green, blue, yellow, red, black or strip colored. Mornpackaging not only exports its poly woven bags, it’s also a woven polypropylene fabric supplier who exports pp woven fabric rolls to the woven polypropylene bags manufacturers who don’t have production lines of weaving. The production process of woven polypropylene fabric can be divided into two parts which is extrusion and weaving. Learn More
Animal Feed Bags
Animal Feed Bags Animal feed bags are made of PET/AL/PE or BOPP/AL/PE for unit capacity less than 5kgs, which is vacuum package and fully water proof named aluminum foil bags.
Rice Bags
Rice Bags Rice bags are requested to be insect-resistant, mildew-proof and well-preserved. And to win the competition in the market, Rice bags need to be in aesthetic appearance for brand promoting.
All-Purpose Bags
All-Purpose Bags There are standard packages for almost every industry or product, some with standard holding capacity, some with standard dimensions.
Fertilizer Bags
Fertilizer Bags Fertilizer bags are ordered in many types and different grades of materials. The factors which may need to be considered will include environmental concerns, type of fertilizer, customer preferences.
PP Woven Fabric
PP Woven Fabric PP woven fabric, short of polypropylene woven fabric, is the raw material of making pp woven bag. Normally with shape of tube, also available to make it as single or double sheets rolls.
Chemical Bags
Chemical Bags PP woven bags are widely used in the packaging industry because of their low price and good tear resistance. However, it is not moisture-proof, and it is easy to powdery substances.
Flour & Grain Bags
Flour & Grain Bags Flour & Grain bags are cloth sacks, normally made of cheap pp woven cloth, used for store flour or grain.
FIBC Bags Normally made of high-strength 100% virgin woven polypropylene or polyethylene material, the weaving process is strictly controlled all over manufacturing for quality performance and reliability. Typi...
Sugar & Salt Bags
Sugar & Salt Bags To fulfill the different demands of our customers, we are engaged in producing and supplying high-level-quality Polypropylene (PP) Sugar and salt Bag.
Shopping Bags
Shopping Bags PP Woven Shopping Bags are taking the promotional products industry by storm. Our hot-selling items are with beautiful looking, durability, in lightweights.
ABOUT MORN PACKAGING MornPackaging is a manufacturing and trading company owned and run by the family Huang since 2003 which is located in Wenzhou, China. Its employees professionally create packaging solutions for their worldwide clients in the markets of agricultural and industrial.

In 2003, Morn started its OEM business of pp woven bags sewing service with their 6 only staffs in a small town “Lingxi”. 2 years later, Morn has its first 20 sets of 6 shuttles circular looms and a production line of flexographic printing. In 2009, MORN began to export its PP woven materials to worldwide markets and extending its global reputations. Today, MORN has grown into an enterprise with more than 400 employees, 550 sets of circular looms, 6 production lines of gravure printing and lamination. Annually manufactures more than 100million pieces of woven sacks and laminated (BOPP/Kraft paper) woven bags for domestic and oversea markets, serving clients from United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, The Philippines, Malaysia, Panama, Costa Rica, Fiji, Belarus, Nigeria, Russia and so on.

Those were the footprints which witnessed how the Mornpackaging realized its international ambitions from a family base business.

In close co-operation with its partners from over 40 other countries, Mornpackaging provides packaging solutions to a worldwide customer base and learned how to achieve its own success by helping customers to success.
MORN, your exclusive adviser of packaging solutions. Factory show
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Morn Brand New Website Comes
Morn Brand New Website Comes Morn Brand New Website Comes 2018-11-06 Hello, world! Here our brand new website comes, hope it would help every customer and partner from all around the world to have a better understanding on us, we will post all the news about Morn packa...
ABOUT PP WOVEN MATERIAL ABOUT PP WOVEN MATERIAL 2018-11-06 HistoryIn the 1930's, H • Jaeque discovered new techniques for the production of filaments and split-film fibers through the tensile study of polyvinyl chloride films. After that, in the 1950's, By S...