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PP Woven Bags

PP (polypropylene) woven bags are widely used as basic packaging materials in agriculture and industry. Follow us, a leading pp woven bags manufacturer from China, to have a broad understanding toward pp woven bags via following questions,

  • What is PP woven bag?

PP, the abbreviation of polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic resin material that produced by the polymerization of propylene. Woven, or weaving is a method of putting many polypropylene tapes together from warp and weft directions to form them as pp woven fabric for some certain applications. To cut the tube shape of pp woven fabric into specific length, then sew it by one side, and let another side open, it then can be called a pp woven bag.

  • Why choose woven polypropylene bags for packaging 

1)PP material is fully Non-toxic

2)  The durability of pp woven material make the pp woven bags reusable.

3)  It’s easy to clean and anti bacterial

4)  The bag is light-weight itself.

5)  Weaving method make the woven sacks breathable.

6)  Low-costs. It’s famous as name of cheap woven polypropylene bag

  • What are the applications of PP woven bags?

1) Agricultural products packaging.

Benefits from its advantage of cost-effective and durability, PP woven bags are widely used as flour bags, rice bags, maize bags, seed bags, grain bags, feed bags, fertilizer bags and so on.

2)Foodstuff packaging.

Thanks to the non-toxic feature of pp sack, it’s also a good package choice for foodstuffs, such as rice bags, sugar bags, salt bags, flour bags, etc.

3)Industrial packaging.

Polypropylene sacks manufacturers from China export their material to customers from industry also, the sacks are used as chemical bags, cement bags, building material bags, or as package of hardware and more.

  • flour bags

    Flour Bags

    MornPackaging offers different grades of polypropylene woven flour bags to meet different customers’ quality and cost requirements. Either made by 100% pure virgin polypropylene resin or mixed with caco3 masterbatch to make it in l0w-cost type.

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  • Sand Bags

    Sand bags

    Sand bags are now applied in flood controlling, building material earth bags, traffic controlling etc., but when it was firstly been designed, it was for flooding defense and military applications only.

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    FIBCs is the abbreviation of flexible intermediate bulk containers, also known as jumbo bags, bulk bag, baffle bags or big bags. It’s made of flexible fabric which is designed for transporting or storing bulk flowable, powder-like products, include fertilizer, plastic granules, sand, cement and so on.

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  • Construction waste bags

    Construction Waste Bags

    Construction waste bags are generally made from dark green or black colors of pp woven fabric. It requires the bag materials to be extremely cost saving, so most part of the waste bags are taking recycled polypropylene as raw material, and normally in thickness of 40gsm-60gsm only.

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  • All-Purpose Bags

    All-Purpose Bags

    All-purpose bags, some standard sizes and thickness of pp woven bags we keep in stock are for all-purpose using. Plain single color, transparent or with color strip but without any printing, it’s able to fit most applications of agricultural and industrial packaging requests.

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