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Chemical bags

Chemical bags could be made of polypropylene woven fabric only, but for those chemical material which needs to be stored or transported under dry and leakage-proof conditions, kraft paper laminated woven pp bags would be a more suitable packaging material choice.

Chemical bags Description

Chemical bags made of PP woven fabric are widely used in the packaging industry because of their low price and good tear resistance. However, it is not moisture-proof, and it has the disadvantage of being easy to leak powdery substances. Kraft paper has the characteristics of non-toxic, easy to print and moisture-proof, making it one of the long-established and widely used packaging materials, but the kraft paper bag has poor barrier properties and low mechanical strength. The combination of kraft paper and PP woven fabric can give full play to the advantages of both, and offer a moisture-proof and strong material which is suitable for packaging various solid and powdery substances.

1.Advantages of chemical bags mde of kraft laminated woven polypropylene.

kraft laminated chemical bags
  • Possibly to stack high with anti skid surface.
  • Outstanding Printing performance.
  • Gusseted Bags gives a box type look to bags.
  • Stronger & Stiffer.
  • Leakage free
  • Moisture Proof
  • Hygienic
  • Aroma retention

2.Optional features

Features optional with, back-seam or tubular type, perforation, LDPE/HDPE liner inserted, E-Z Open, Flexographic printing up to 6 colors, bag body and gussets printing available. Stitched or hot melt seal bottom optionally. Paper choices as, Brown kraft paper or white kraft paper laminated with PP woven fabric available in different colors. Thickness of paper and woven polypropylene are customized upon specific applications.

Optional features of chemical bags

3.Performance requirements for paper kraft laminated chemical bags

paper poly chemical bags

1. Fastness: The tensile and impact strength of the bag can withstand the pressure in gravity, stacking and impact during transportation.
2, Sealing: due to the different packaging materials of paper-plastic composite packaging, each has different sealing requirements. In particular, the sealing performance of powder or toxic materials and materials that are afraid of being contaminated is very strict.
3, Anti-mildew properties: materials that are prone to moisture or mildew have special requirements for the airtightness of packaging materials.
4. Environmental protection requirements: The packaging bag must be degradable and recyclable materials to alleviate environmental pollution.
5, assembly and disassembly performance: modern large-scale industrial production will inevitably require high efficiency, large bag packaging is mostly raw materials or primary processing products, so paper-plastic composite packaging bags also need to meet the requirements of easy to open, easy to dump.

Specifications of Chemical bags

Additional Information

Material Comosition

Kraft paper laminated woven fabric



Bag Width


Bag Length





Straight cut


Stitched or hotmelt sealed.


Flexo printed

Printing plate charge




Lead time


Moisture proof

Bopp laminated or pe liner inserted


100pcs/ bale. 10bales per bundle or customized.
10tons per 20feet container, 26tons per 40HQ


For chemical material or plastic resin packing etc.

Payment terms

1. TT 30% down payment. Balance against B/L copy.
2. 100% LC At sight.
3. TT 30% down payment, 70% LC At sight.

Customized feature options for chemical bags

Customized feature options of pp woven bags
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