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PP Woven Fabric

PP Woven Fabric

PP woven fabric, short of polypropylene woven fabric, is the raw material of making pp woven bag. Normally with shape of tube, also available to make it as single or double sheets rolls. Mesh density from 7x7 to 14x14, thickness from 50gsm-160gsm, Denier from 500D to 2000D, Color can be nature white, bright white, translucent, transparent, green, blue, yellow, red, black or strip colored. Mornpackaging not only exports its poly woven bags, it’s also a woven polypropylene fabric supplier who exports pp woven fabric rolls to the woven polypropylene bags manufacturers who don’t have production lines of weaving. The production process of woven polypropylene fabric can be divided into two parts which is extrusion and weaving.

PP Woven Fabric

  • PP Woven Fabric Roll

    By production process of extrusion and weaving, Polypropylene material would be shaped as circular or flat. The winding machine which was equipped in the end of circular loom.

1. Extrusion.

The process of extrusion makes the polypropylene material into flat tapes (yarn). The raw material Polypropylene will be extruded after being heated in 190-250℃ extruder and completely plasticized. A model will form the material as molten film before it get into the cooling water, then, being cut into billet yarn. In the drying oven, the billet tape will be stretched into flat tape, then be formed on hot rollers and be contracted on cold rollers. And finally the winding system will roll the tapes and get ready to weave.

2. Weaving.

A circular loom is the machine which used for weaving the polypropylene yarns as Polypropylene Cloth. There are many spindles on the warp frame of the circular loom. A specified number of warp yarns are used according to the width of the woven fabric required and the width of single flat yarn. Before the warp enters the circular loom, the warp is intersected by the frame, while the shuttle of the weft moves in a circular motion through the warp. The continuous crossing weaves the warp and weft into a tube pp woven fabric.
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