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Kraft Paper Laminated Woven bags

Paper laminated woven bags, also known as Paper-poly bags, are combined bags constructed with a tubular woven polypropylene bags and two sides of paper material. They offered excellent performance of holding strength and moisture resistance.

  • kraft laminated woven chemical bags

    Chemical bags

    Chemical bags could be made of polypropylene woven fabric only, but for those chemical material which needs to be stored or transported under dry and leakage-proof conditions, kraft paper laminated woven pp bags would be a more suitable packaging material choice.

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  • kraft laminated woven polypropylene mattress bags

    Mattress bags

    Mornpackaging offers mattress bags either of woven polypropylene or kraft paper laminated pp woven fabric, privides durable protection to for household products from bumping and moisture during storage and transportation, the products may includes mattresses, sofas, etc.

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