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Bopp Bags

Bopp Bags

We are professionally on manufacturing Multicolor Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags which are precision produced by quality pp material that offers outstanding usage value. BOPP bags are new, advanced and attractive type of bulk packages from 5 kgs to 100 kgs. BOPP Bags have redefined the function of packaging, these bags would improve value to your Brand name with its high graphics impacts.

Types of Bopp Bags

  • Animal Feed Bags

    Animal feed bags are made of PET/AL/PE or BOPP/AL/PE for unit capacity less than 5kgs, which is vacuum package and fully water proof named aluminum foil bags.

  • Fertilizer Bags

    Fertilizer bags are ordered in many types and different grades of materials. The factors which may need to be considered will include environmental concerns, type of fertilizer, customer preferences.

  • Shopping Bags

    PP Woven Shopping Bags are taking the promotional products industry by storm. Our hot-selling items are with beautiful looking, durability, in lightweights.

  • Rice Bags

    Rice bags are requested to be insect-resistant, mildew-proof and well-preserved. And to win the competition in the market, Rice bags need to be in aesthetic appearance for brand promoting.

What is Bopp Bag?

BOPP (BIAXIALLY ORIENTED POLYPROPYLENE) bag, a type of laminated package sack which is compound by printed BOPP film and pp woven fabric, it’s well-received for its high graphics impacts and water proof advantage. With gravure printing method, BOPP bags can be printed with multi-colors up to 8C, it’s optional to make it with full area printed and laminated or just leave two edges blank for visibility (Transparent Woven pp material). BOPP Bags can also be made as block bottom type with open top or value, which is known as AD-Star bags also.

BOPP bags manufacturing process

Bopp laminated bags are manufactured by laminate the gravure printed Bopp film onto pp woven fabric which is then been cut and sewn as shape of bags. The printing on BOPP film is done by engraved cylinders and gravures reverse printing method, up to 8 colors are able to be printed on each single design.

Advantage of BOPP Bags

1. Excellent print quality with superior graphics impacts.
2. Durability and super tensile strength ensure large loading capacity.
3. The smooth surface of BOPP film prevents the bags from scratching.
4. Both applicable for heat cut and cold cut.
5. Outstanding performance on water resistance.

Optional detail of BOPP Laminated pp woven bags

1. it can be one side laminated or both sides. It can be laminated on full area or just leave the two edges blank.
2. the layer of pp woven fabric can be either white, colored or transparent.
3. available to fold and stitch on bottom or make it as block bottom.
4. it can be with a gusset or without.
5. with or without PE liner inserted.
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