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What Problems should we Pay Attention to when Printing BOPP Rice Bags?

Bopp rice bags are generally divided into two types: one is printed manufacturers logo on plastic bags, and there are some advertisements such as contact information; the other is simple bopp rice bags, and nothing is printed. For these two kinds of rice bags, the first one is used in supermarkets or shopping malls, and the second is generally used in some small stores, or small stores, or large wholesale markets. In general, rice bags used in supermarkets or shopping malls need to be printed. What problems should we pay attention to when printing plastic bags?

First of all, we should screen printing manufacturers of the bopp rice bag, which is the primary concern in choosing rice bags. A large-scale and powerful rice bag manufacturer can provide better products to customers. Its products are not comparable in terms of safety and environmental protection.

Secondly, the choice of printing material for the bopp rice bag is very important, because the material some manufacturers use when producing rice bags will be the polypropylene material, which is a toxic, harmful and highly polluting material. Once used in the customized rice bag you printed, this material is very dangerous. Therefore, it is a very critical issue to choose a regular manufacturer to buy rice bags.

Finally, the control of the printing size of bopp rice bags is problem, which can be said big or small. When customizing rice bags, the size of rice bags must be clear, and then according to the size of rice bags, doing the printing, so that the customized rice bags can meet the needs of customers and also the masses of consumers.

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