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What is Paper-plastic Compound Bag?

The paper poly bags produced by Morn Packaging Co.,ltd are mainly paper-plastic compound bags. The paper-plastic compound bag is compounded by the type casting method with the plastic woven bag (cloth for short) as the base material. Paper-plastic compound bags are mainly used for packaging engineering plastics, rubber raw materials, building materials, food, fertilizers, cement and other powdery or granular solid materials and flexible articles.

According to the main materials, the paper-plastic compound bags can be divided into polypropylene two-in-one bags, polypropylene three-in-one bags, polyethylene two-in-one bags and polyethylene three-in-one bags; According to the sewing method, they can divided into sewn bottom bags, heat sealing bags, outer valve pockets and inner valve pockets. According to the effective width of the bags, they can be divided into 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm and 700mm bags.

(1) Definition

Paper-plastic compound bag: It is also called three-in-one compound bag, a kind of small bulk container, which can realize unit-load handling mainly by hand tramming or forklift. It can facilitate the handling of small batches of powder and granule materials, and has the characteristics of high strength, high water resistance, high-level appearance, facilitating handling, etc. It is the most popular and practical common packaging material.

(2) Process description

Adopt refined white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper as the outer material and plastic woven cloth as the inner material, then melt plastic particles (PP) through high temperature and high pressure to compound the kraft paper and plastic woven cloth together. An inner PE bag can be added additionally. The form of the paper-plastic compound bag is equivalent to a sewn bottom bag, and it has properties such as good strength, waterproofness and moisture resistance.

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