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What is a BOPP Bag?

The multi-color printed BOPP laminated woven bag has added brand value with its excellent printing design, eye-catching display and beautiful appearance. These bags are durable, beautiful and easy to carry.


BOPP laminated woven bag has different layers in the bag, also called multi-layer bag. HDPE/PP woven fabric is a layer in the bag. First of all, we prepared multi-color BOPP film by engraving cylinder reverse printing technology. It is then laminated with HDPE/PP woven fabric, and finally cut and stitched as required.


The printing process is completed by engraving cylinder and gravure printing technology. Up to 8 colors can be printed on a single bag. We have a graphics department to develop various customized designs for specific products, including specific images and background colors. Once the design is complete, the cylinder is engraved to print the same pattern.


Our specialty is to provide multi-color printed BOPP laminated woven bags, which are precisely manufactured using high-quality raw materials and have high use value. BOPP bag is a novel, attractive and advanced concept of bulk packaging. BOPP bags bring a new revolution in the packaging field. The display and attractiveness of these woven bags add value to your brand value.


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