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Types of Laminated Woven Bags

In today’s industry, polypropylene woven bags are highly preferred for packaging purposes. With rich industry experience and knowledge in related fields, we provide the highest quality BOPP laminated woven bags. We are regarded as the most prestigious industry in the production, supply and export of laminated woven bags. Laminated bags are used in various industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, dairy products, and chemicals. In addition, these bags are durable, tear-resistant, durable, waterproof and moisture-proof, and have a special coating inside to protect the goods from spillage and leakage. The available laminated bags are non-defective finished products provided according to regulations, which are sufficient to fully meet the detailed requirements of customers.


Types of laminated woven bags

1. BOPP laminated woven bag-single side (This is only one side printed with Bopp and / or the other side is flexographic.)

2. BOPP laminated woven bag-double-sided (bopp printed on both sides)

3. BOPP sandwich PP woven bag (corner code or eccentric corner code)

4. BOPP laminated lining PP woven bag (inner lining–loose seam or bottom seam)

5. BOPP laminated PP woven bag with perforations (side perforations for inflation)

6. BOPP laminated PP woven bag (with handle and D-shaped cutout for easy lifting and moving)

7. BOPP laminated PP woven bag with window (the transparent window on the side or front/back can be used to view the internally packaged products)

8. BOPP laminated PP woven bag with top edge (this allows easy opening)

9. BOPP laminated PP woven air bag (online packaging facility)


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