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Types of Flexible Freight Bags

Flexible freight bags, also known as ton bags, bulk bags and so on, is a kind of intermediate bulk container as well as a container unit apparatus. Equippted with hoist or fork-lift truck, container- unit transportation can be realised. It is easy to transport bulk powder-like materials. It is featured with large-volume, light-weight , easy to load and unload and is one of the common packaging materials. It is characterized by simple-structure, light-weight itself, foldable, space-efficiency and low-cost.

There are two main kinds of flexible freight bags as follows:

1. Square flexible freight bag, one kind of large sturdy bulk bag with a star closure bottom, which is used for relatively up-market products with safety coefficient, and the safety can be guaranted in hoisting operation.

2. Common circular flexible freight bags without PE liner are generally used in set, that is, the small woven bags inside will be used as inner packaging.

Square and circular are the two main design methods of flexible freight bags, followed by half-hanging, bottom-down and bottom-up in cross and stud and others. The design can be customized to different loading capacity and lifting method .

As a leader in the packaging industry, Morn Packaging Co. Ltd. produces flexible freight bags that can be widely used in the packaging field of chemicals, building materials, mineral products and plastics in the manners of powdery, granular and blocky articles. FIBC is an ideal material for storage, transportation and other industries. The using of FIBC promotes standardization and serialization of packaging and reduces transport costs. Please contact us, if interested.

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