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The Surge in Adoption Promotes BOPP Bag Market

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a kind of polyethylene film which can be biaxially stretched, so it has excellent durability. The polymer film is laminated into a polypropylene woven fabric and made into a bag. BOPP bags are waterproof and can be printed with high resolution graphics. In addition, BOPP bags perform well in paper bag filling equipment.

BOPP bags are more and more popular in the market because they are cost-effective and 100% recyclable. BOPP bag has high aesthetic value, which adds additional promotional function to the packaged products. These bags can be easily piled up and have high tensile strength and barrier property, which are mainly used for packaging grains and beans, pet food, grass seeds, animal nutrition, fertilizer, etc.

1. Excellent printable quality and cost effectiveness drive the global demand for BOPP bags.

2. The awareness of animal nutrition and pet food packaging has promoted the demand for BOPP bags.

3. BOPP bag market in Asia-Pacific region is expected to achieve healthy growth.

In the past few years, brand awareness has become an important aspect of the packaging industry. Today, manufacturers are looking for high quality products with good printable quality, and BOPP bags can meet this requirement. In addition, BOPP bags have high aesthetic value, which can enhance brand awareness. With the increase of population, the demand for agricultural products is increasing, which also increases the demand for BOPP bags.

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