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The Production of PP Woven Fabric Rolls

PP woven fabric rolls are produced through extrusion and weaving. The polypropylene material will be shaped into a round or flat shape. A winding machine is installed at the end of the circular loom.


1. Extrusion

In the extrusion process, polypropylene material is made into flat belt (yarn). The polypropylene raw material will be extruded after being heated and completely plasticized in an extruder at 190-250°C. Before entering the cooling water, the model forms the material into a molten film, which is then cut into billet yarns. In the drying furnace, the steel billet strip is stretched into a flat strip, then formed on a hot roll, and then contracted on a cold roll. Finally, the winding system will wind up the tape and prepare for weaving.


2. Weaving

Circular loom is a machine used to weave polypropylene yarn into polypropylene cloth. There are many spindles on the warp frame of the circular loom. According to the required width of the woven fabric and the width of a single flat yarn, a specified number of warp yarns are used. Before the warp yarn enters the circular loom, the warp yarn intersects the frame, and the shuttle of the weft yarn passes through the warp yarn in a circular motion. Continuous interweaving weaves warp and weft into PP woven fabric rolls.


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