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The Future Prospect and Applications of BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

BOPP laminated woven bags are made of polypropylene woven bags and biaxially oriented polypropylene film. The extruder melts and extrudes a certain proportion of polypropylene and polyethylene particles as bonding materials, and composes the blank or gravure printed BOPP film with the tubular woven fabric material, and then cuts and stitches to make BOPP laminated bags. BOPP laminated woven bags can be made into tubular bags, and also made into single-layer flat fabrics according to the needs of customers, which can be used as tarpaulin or decorative materials.

China’s color printing packaging can be traced back to the early 20th century. At that time, we used linen or paper to make simple bags or boxes, and then drew pictures on them by hand. That is our earliest color printing packaging bag. With the development of modern chemical industry at any time, various kinds of plastic packaging products are produced after extrusion or other processing of various plastic particles extracted from petroleum. In our daily life, such as woven bags, non-woven fabrics, film bags, kraft paper bags and various kinds of plastic boxes are widely used. On the other hand, the invention of printing machinery, as well as the continuous evolution of printing technology, has more practical significance with the improvement of ink types. In modern society, the demand for packaging is no longer as simple as a container. More often, packaging products need to play a role of promotion. Products need marketing, and outer packaging plays a very important role. The effect of printing determines the effect of marketing. The emergence of various types of laminating machines makes it possible to combine different materials. The printing effect and waterproof effect of woven fabric and non-woven fabric can not be achieved by itself can be perfectly solved by compounding a layer of BOPP film on its surface, which not only improves the beauty of the product itself, but also improves the function of the product. Here, the laminating machine we use for woven bag lamination is extrusion laminating machine. Compared with the popular dry laminating machine and solvent-free laminating machine in the market, the extrusion laminating machine does not use glue for laminating, but uses melted polypropylene and polyethylene particles as adhesive to compound the printed BOPP film on the surface of woven cloth substrate. The extruded plastic particles not only remove the adhesive from BOPP, but also can reduce the adhesive pressure The ink is isolated from the package in the bag, and the plastic particles are non-toxic, which makes the woven bag even safe for food packaging. In terms of cost, extrusion composite is cheaper than dry composite and solvent-free composite.

There is competition in every industry, and the packaging industry is no exception. There are nearly 3000 professional manufacturers of woven bags in China, and countless small factories. The following bad competition is common, such as adding recycled materials that do not meet the requirements in polypropylene raw materials, reducing the weight of cloth without the understanding of customers, using inferior ink and so on. As one of the most professional BOPP laminated woven bags manufacturers in China, we have been advocating in the industry association that we should promote the healthy and orderly development of the whole packaging industry, make healthy competition in the local market and even the world market with high-quality products, and establish our own brand with our own real product and service ability.

Application of BOPP laminated woven bag

BOPP laminated woven bags are widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, food, shopping and even home furnishings. Specific products can include rice bags, flour bags, sugar bags, feed bags, fertilizer bags, shopping bags, mattress bags, etc. Compared with the traditional linen and canvas products, BOPP laminated woven bag has better waterproof and beauty. Compared with aluminum foil bag and pure PET film packaging, BOPP laminated woven bag has the advantages of high load-bearing and low cost.

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