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The Advantages of FIBCs


Morn Packaging Co., Ltd. produces and supplies various woven bags including FIBCs. We provide a large number of new FIBCs, but what are the advantages of using FIBCs? The answers are as follows:

1. Convenient delivery. There are special lifting rings on the FIBCs, so it is convenient for the lifting equipment to lift, load and unload the bags.

2. Greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading. With large capacity as well as fast loading and unloading, FIBC packing saves time and labor compared with conventional paper bags.

3. Occupy Less space. Empty bags can be folded into small volume, the full bag capacity is large, and it saves more space than small bag packaging.

4. Less packing limit. FIBCs can be used to pack even powdery products.

5. Effectively protect the product. FIBCs are rainproof and waterproof, and can be placed outdoors after being filled to prevent damp.

6. Have long service life and can be used repeatedly. FIBCs are made of high strength material, so they are durable and can be reused after storage.

The FIBCs produced by Morn Morn Packaging Co.,Ltd. are made of foldable coated cloth, resin-processed cloth or other flexible materials. The FIBCs have the advantages of moisture proof, dust proof, radiation proof, fastness, safety, and enough structural strength. In recent years, FIBCs have developed rapidly because of their convenience and efficiency. If you want to buy high quality FIBCs, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the best service.






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