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Ten Years Of Bag-Type Dust Removal Technology – Fibc Material, Filter Bag Processing And Pulse Valve

The polyphenylene sulfide fiber developed by our country has been successful, and several enterprises can produce it in batches. The application of this product in the flue gas purification of coal-fired power plants has achieved good results, ending the situation that China’s PPS fiber is completely dependent on imports. PPS raw material production base is also under construction. Currently, there is product supply, but the output cannot meet the demand. In recent years, yilun (polyimide) fiber has been developed in China, and a production line has been set up. The research and development enterprise has also established a production base, which has the full route scale production capacity from polyimide raw material synthesis to
fibc bags.

The properties and product quality of PTFE fiber in China have been further improved and applied more and more widely. Many fields, including waste incineration flue gas purification, have successfully applied domestic PTFE needled felt, the service life of filter bags significantly extended. Due to the improvement of performance index and quality, domesticfibc material bagbasically occupies the domestic market. The production technology and properties of ultrafine glass fiber have also made great progress. At present the domestic productionfibc material bagenterprise also has several, partial enterprise’s production line already achieved the quite advanced level. PTFE film forming technology has also made great progress, film thickness, permeability and fastness have been significantly improved. Film technology and equipment progress, many manufacturers have a hot melt coated process and equipment, coated filter material performance more close to foreign advanced products.

Filter bags are generally sewn by three-needle machine, and many enterprises are equipped with automatic sewn production lines. More and more enterprises learn from the developed countries about thefibc material bag, throughout from the bottom to sewing, inspection, packaging and the entire production process, filter bag quality has been comprehensively improved.

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