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Technical Article

Technical Article

  • How to identify the quality of woven bags2021/07/09 Polypropylene woven bags are widely used in flour mills, rice mills, feed mills, fertilizer plants and other industries, but many users do not know how to identify the quality of woven bags. In the pr... view
  • Gravure Printing for Woven Bags2021/06/28 This article will continue to explore the printing method of woven bags. In the previous article “Can PP Woven Bags Be Printed?”, we have introduced the characteristics and working principle of flex... view
  • How to Set Up a Woven Bag Processing Factory2021/06/09 Although woven bags are widely used all over the world, the weaving bag factories are still concentrated in Asian countries such as China, India and Vietnam. In many countries where woven bags are fre... view
  • Can PP Woven Bags Be Printed?2021/05/21 The answer is definitely yes, and woven bags are printed in a variety of ways. Among them the most important are flexographic printing and gravure BOPP lamination printing. According to the different ... view
  • Masterbatch and Additives for PP Woven Bags Production2021/04/25 Considering the production cost or some functional purpose, in addition to polypropylene, which accounts for the largest proportion of the raw materials of pp woven bags, additives such as masterbatch... view
  • Production Process of Polypropylene Weaving and PP Woven Bags Making2021/03/23 This article is going to introduce the details of production process of plastic weaving, especially of Polypropylene woven fabric, pp woven bags and relative packaging products producing.Process chara... view
  • Are Woven Polypropylene Bags Waterproof?2021/01/28 Are pp woven bags waterproof? As far as the woven bag itself is concerned, because the woven bag is made of warp and weft tapes, there is only overlap between the tapes, which does not have sealing pr... view
  • Guide for classification and identification of degradable plastic products in China2020/12/29 On September 13, the China Federation of light industry formulated and issued the guidelines for classification and identification of degradable plastic products (hereinafter referred to as the guide)... view
  • Are Nonwoven Bags Niodegradable?2020/12/09 With the worldwide promotion of plastic restriction and even plastic ban, packaging manufacturers all over the world are trying to find a biodegradable plastic shopping bag substitute, among which non... view
  • How to Convert Denier of PP Woven Fabric to GSM2019/07/17 How to convert GSM of a pp woven bags to Denier? Or how to convert Denier of pp woven fabric to GSM? First of all, let's see what's GSM and Denier mean. 1. What is GSM of pp woven material?GSM means g... view