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Production Equipment of PP Woven Sugar Bags

Production Equipment of PP Woven Sugar Bags

In recent years, China's food packaging industry has developed very fast, such as the increasing demand for pp woven sugar bag, which has far exceeded other manufacturing industries. According to authoritative data, in order to meet the needs of rapid development of food packaging industry in China in the next ten years, there will be five food packaging machinery leading the markets, such as vacuum packaging machines.

First, Vacuum packaging machinery. Many enterprises in our country produce vacuum packaging machinery mainly by assembling. The main varieties are semi-automatic operation. There are few vacuum packaging with automatic continuous type, large vacuum chamber and few vacuum packaging suitable for liquid packaging. The special vacuum packaging machines with a high efficiency lack in our country.

Second, bag-making, filling and sealing packaging machinery. At present, there are more than 100 domestic manufacturers producing such machines, with an annual output of 15 million units. The development trend of bag-making, filling and sealing packaging machinery is modular structure, multi-row high-speed, high stability, simple transmission mechanism, self-adaptive closed-loop control, which is suitable for the production of pp woven sugar bags.

Third, processing equipment for metal packaging containers. The manufacturing industry of China's metal packaging container processing machinery has begun to take shape. The development trend of this kind of products: one is to improve product performance, improve product yield and material utilization ratio; the other is to accelerate product technological improvement, develop mercury-free welding and high-performance and high-frequency welding power source, and so on.

Fourth, Corrugated carton (board) production equipment. Over the past decade, China's corrugated box machinery industry has developed rapidly. The product categories have developed from corrugated board line to printing slotting machine, cardboard gluing machine, corner cutting machine and other variety series. The future development direction is high-speed complete equipment, and medium and light corrugated box complete equipment.

Fifth, Pulp moulding equipment. At present, the production scale of paper tableware processing equipment in China is relatively small, and the price of processing equipment is on the high side. In the future, pulp mould tableware processing machinery should increase research in reducing the cost of forming heating mould, improving heating mode, reducing power consumption cost and increasing production.

Wenzhou Cangnan Packaging Co., Ltd. integrates production, processing and sales of woven bags. Its main products are: woven bags, color printing woven bags, pp woven sugar bags, general woven bags of various specifications, bopp colorful printing woven bags, paper-plastic woven bags, pearlescent film woven bags, aluminized film woven bags, etc. It can also process and produce special packaging according to customers' needs.

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