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Paper Poly Bags

Paper Poly Bags

Paper-poly bag, also known as three-in-one composite paper bag or laminated paper bag, is made of plastic and kraft paper. Usually, the plastic layer is pp woven fabric with pp polypropylene (pp) as the base material, and the kraft paper is made of refined kraft paper. The production process of laminated paper bags is to laminate the pp woven fabric and kraft paper together by extrusion adhesive material (PP+LPPE+EVA), then processed as bag by printing, gusseting, cutting and sewing.

Types of Paper Poly Bags

  • Chemical Bags

    PP woven bags are widely used in the packaging industry because of their low price and good tear resistance. However, it is not moisture-proof, and it is easy to powdery substances.

  • Mattress Bags

    Kraft paper laminated pp woven mattress bag is using ultra-wide paper-plastic composite woven fabric, it can be used for packaging of modern furniture, steel wire, steel pipe.

Performance requirements for poly paper bags:

1. Fastness: The tensile and impact strength of the bag can withstand the pressure in gravity, stacking and impact during transportation.
2. Sealing: due to the different packaging contents of paper poly bags, each has different sealing requirements. In particularly strict those as package of powder or toxic materials.
3. Anti-mildew properties: contents that are prone to moisture or mildew have special requirements for the airtightness of packaging materials.
4. Environmental protection requirements: The packaging bag must be degradable and recyclable materials to alleviate environmental pollution.
5. Assembly and disassembly performance: modern large-scale industrial production will inevitably require high efficiency, large bag packaging is mostly for contents of raw materials or primary processing products, so kraft paper laminated pp woven bags also need to meet the requirements of easy to open, easy to dump.

Advantage of plastic paper bags:

1. High strength: the inner layer is PP woven cloth, the outer layer is refined kraft paper, and with middle adhesive material of plastic film, this product has strong anti-piercing and tear resistance characteristics.
2. Nice appearance: made of yellow or white refined kraft paper, Up to 6 color printing, with beautiful appearance.
3. Good anti-sliding: with 25 degrees of anti-sliding kraft paper material, easy to stack.

Applications of Poly paper bags

Poly paper bags has been one of the most common package materials, it’s widely used in plastic materials, chemicals, cement, feed, fertilizer, industrial packaging, food packaging, electronics, aerospace, technology, military and other fields.

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