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FIBC, abbreviation of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, also known as container bag, jumbo bag, ton bag, bulk bag, baffle bag, big bag. It’s a flexible and pliable packaging container with large volume which made by foldable coated cloth, resin processed cloth or other flexible materials. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-resistant, strong and safe, and has sufficient strength in structure. Since the loading and unloading of the FIBCs are very convenient, the loading and unloading efficiency is obviously improved, and it has developed rapidly in recent years.

FIBCs are generally made by plastic fibers such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Either with coated or without. Capacity from 200kgs-2000kgs. Emptying is made easy by a special opening in the bottom of container bags such as a discharge spout, of which there are several options, or by simply cutting it open. Bags are made with construction of U shape, round, or square.

It can be widely used in the packaging of various powdery, granular and blocky articles such as chemical, building materials, plastics and mineral products. FIBCs are ideal material for warehousing, transportation and other industries which is conducive to promoting the standardization and serialization of packaging and reducing transportation costs.

  • FIBC Bags

    Normally made of high-strength 100% virgin woven polypropylene or polyethylene material, the weaving process is strictly controlled all over manufacturing for quality performance and reliability. Typi...

Caution of using FIBCs

1. Do not stand under the bag in the lifting operation;
2. Hang the hook on the center of the sling or sling, do not slant, hang one-sided or diagonally hoist the bag;
3. Do not rub with other objects during the operation, hook or collide with the jumbo bag;
4. Do not pull the sling back to the outside;
5. When using the forklift to work on the container, please do not touch or tie the fork to the bag to prevent the jumbo bags from being broken.
6. When transporting in the workshop, try to use the pallet as much as possible, avoiding the hooking of the container bag and shaking it while carrying it;
7. Keep the container bag upright when loading, unloading and stacking;
8. Do not drag the container bag on the ground or on the concrete;
9. When it is necessary to store outdoors, the container bag should be placed on the shelf, and the FIBC bag must be tightly covered with opaque shed cloth;
10. After use, wrap the container in paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place.
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