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Construction Waste Bags
Construction Waste Bags

Construction Waste Bags

Construction waste bags are generally made from dark green or black colors of pp woven fabric. It requires the bag materials to be extremely cost saving, so most part of the waste bags are taking recycled polypropylene as raw material, and normally in thickness of 50gsm-60gsm only. 
This PP woven bags can be not only used as construction garbage bags, but also used for waste and residues from individuals, properties, construction and other activities. Waste sacks offer a solution to deal with any waste collection requests such as garden wastes, garbage from construction sites, glasses, paper, plastics, confidential documents and so on.
1.Why to take polypropylene material for waste packing?
1.Why to take polypropylene material for waste packing?
For those who are handling the wastes, the first factor for them to choose a packaging material may be the cost. The recycled polypropylene material would wins any competition on costing, with simple cut in the top and stitched in the bottom, a very simple but practical woven sack for waste collection is easily made with very less costs.
2.Main advantage of pp woven construction waste bags
2.Main advantage of pp woven construction waste bags
·Excellent tensile strength
·Fade- proof and surface of scratch proof.
·Costs less but effective.
·LDPE/HDPE liner inserted or hemmed in the top for moisture proof  available.
·Coated material available.
3.About filling master batch
3.About filling master batch
PP filled master batch mainly refers to some additives used to change the properties of PP, mainly calcium carbonate, talcum powder and other reagents to change the structure, density, hardness, heat resistance, shrinkage, flexibility of PP products. Part of additives makes the pp products with more stable properties, another part are added for cost-saving purpose. 

Specifications of construction waste bags

Item Construction waste bags Material composition Recycled Polypropylene
Thickness 50gsm -90gsm Width 35cm-120cm
Length Customized Capacity 5kgs-100kgs
Top Heat cut/String Bottom Stitched
Printing Plain or Flexo, up to 6C Mesh 7x7 – 14x14
Plate charge 30USD/Color each side. MOQ 5,000PCS
Lead time 15 — 25days Moisture Coating/PE liner
Packing 100PCS/Bundle, 10bundles per bale. Or as customized.
Application For construction wastes, for sand, for garden wastes, for living wastes collection etc.
Payment terms 1. TT 30% down payment. Balance against B/L copy.
2. 100% LC At sight.
3. TT 30% down payment, 70% LC At sight.

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