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Blending Properties of PP and PE

Effect of PES on impact properties of blends Different types of PE can improve the impact strength of PP at room temperature, but the difference …

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In the First Half of the Year, PP Market

I. Review of Trends This year, the overall performance of the domestic  polypropylene market is not good. The market is in a volatile and declining trend. …

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Market| Market Demand for PP Woven Bags and Packaging Bags is Expanding

Due to the reasons of cost, strength and environmental, laminated pp woven bags and hemp bags are more popular than non-laminated pp woven bags and …

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How to Choose a Right PP Woven Bag?

PP Woven bags are widely used in many aspects during our daily life. When you are buying some pp woven bags, you may need to …

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What is the Difference between PP Woven Sugar Bag Printing and Paper Printing?

What are the differences between the printing of pp woven sugar bags and the printing on paper? The differences are as follows: 1. Printing ink …

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Making of PP Woven Sugar Bags

Polypropylene (PP) is the main raw material of pp woven sugar bags. It is made by extrusion, drawing, weaving and bag making. PP is a …

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Production Equipment of PP Woven Sugar Bags

In recent years, China’s food packaging industry has developed very fast, such as the increasing demand for pp woven sugar bag, which has far exceeded …

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Printing Technology of PP Woven Sugar Bag

With the continuous development and progress of the times, some novel scientific and technological inventions continue to pour out, I wonder if you have heard …

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Characteristics And Application Of Cooling Masterbatch For PP Woven Bags Making

Model PPJW-05 PP woven bag yarn cooling masterbatch is specially designed to reduce the high viscosity of PP and prevent the decomposition of other additives …

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Green Rice Bag Packaging is an Inevitable Trend

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to food safety and health. Talking about “plastic” with the change of the color has become a phenomenon …

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