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  • Advantages of Fertilizer Bags2020/09/10 Fertilizer is very important in the process of agricultural production. If we are going to carry out agricultural production, we will certainly buy a large number of fertilizers, and we all know that ... view
  • How did FIBCs Develop?2020/09/03 FIBCs, also known as ton bags and space bags in China, are made of flexible textiles. Their characteristics can be directly understood by their English name FIBC: F-flexible, I-in-transit, B-big.Since... view
  • Precautions for FIBCs2020/08/27 Flexible freight bags (FIBCs) is a kind of intermediate bulk container as well as a container unit apparatus. Equippted with hoist or fork-lift truck, container unit transportation can be realised. It... view
  • Features of FIBCs2020/08/20 Nowadays, flexible freight bags are more and more widely used in the transportation of goods. Flexible freight bag is also called ton bag, for its loading capaxity is generally measured by tons. At pr... view
  • Types of Flexible Freight Bags2020/08/13 Flexible freight bags, also known as ton bags, bulk bags and so on, is a kind of intermediate bulk container as well as a container unit apparatus. Equippted with hoist or fork-lift truck, container- ... view
  • Characteristics of PP Woven Bags2020/08/06 PP woven bag is very popular because it has some general peculiarities of PP and its own peculiarities. The details are as follows:1. Light weightPP is generally light and the density of plastic woven... view
  • PP Woven Bag's Wide Application Range is beyond Your Imagination2020/07/30 1. Vegetable and other agricultural products packagingAt present, due to the problems of products resources and price, PP woven bags have been widely used in packaging of agricultural products, such a... view
  • Advantages of PP woven bags2020/07/23 PP (polypropylene) woven bags are widely used as basic packaging materials in agriculture and industry. PP is the abbreviation of Polypropylene, which is thermoplastic resin produced by propylene poly... view
  • Types of Laminated Woven Bags2020/07/02 In today's industry, polypropylene woven bags are highly preferred for packaging purposes. With rich industry experience and knowledge in related fields, we provide the highest quality BOPP lamina... view
  • What is a BOPP Bag?2020/06/25 The multi-color printed BOPP laminated woven bag has added brand value with its excellent printing design, eye-catching display and beautiful appearance. These bags are durable, beautiful and easy to ... view
  • The Production of PP Woven Fabric Rolls2020/06/18 PP woven fabric rolls are produced through extrusion and weaving. The polypropylene material will be shaped into a round or flat shape. A winding machine is installed at the end of the circular loom. ... view
  • Raw Materials for PP Woven Fabric Rolls2020/06/11 PP, also known as polypropylene, is a thermoplastic polymer with a wide range of uses. It is produced from monomer propylene by chain growth polymerization. Polypropylene belongs to the class of polyo... view
  • Chinese Polypropylene Market Weekly Reports (2020.05.08-05.14)2020/05/18 According to polypropylene valuation, the market was consolidated after the weakness of polypropylene market fell in the week. At the beginning of the week, due to the decline of futures and the limit... view
  • Chinese Polypropylene Market Weekly Reports (2020.04.24-04.30)2020/05/06 According to the valuation of polypropylene, the polypropylene market fluctuated and moved upwards during this week, mainly due to the consumption of two oil inventories at the end of the month and th... view
  • How to Convert Denier of PP Woven Fabric to GSM2019/07/17 How to convert GSM of a pp woven bags to Denier? Or how to convert Denier of pp woven fabric to GSM? First of all, let's see what's GSM and Denier mean. 1. What is GSM of pp woven material?GSM means g... view