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  • Introduction to BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags2020/12/22 The BOPP laminated PP woven bags are made by laminating intaglio printed BOPP film onto the PP woven fabric, and then cut and sewn them into bags. Printing on BOPP film is accomplished by engraving cy... view
  • Introduction to BOPP Bags2020/12/15 Nowadays the environment is an important part of world development. For the sake of our common family and for the sake of our future generations to continue to live on this planet, all walks of life s... view
  • Are Nonwoven Bags Niodegradable?2020/12/09 With the worldwide promotion of plastic restriction and even plastic ban, packaging manufacturers all over the world are trying to find a biodegradable plastic shopping bag substitute, among which non... view
  • The Surge in Adoption Promotes BOPP Bag Market2020/12/08 Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a kind of polyethylene film which can be biaxially stretched, so it has excellent durability. The polymer film is laminated into a polypropylene woven fabric... view
  • Introduction to PP Woven Fabric Rolls2020/12/01 PP woven fabric rolls are made by weaving and knitting the ribbon-like filaments that are formed by extruding and stretching the polypropylene resin, the main raw material of PP woven bags.Polypropyle... view
  • How to Distinguish the Quality of PP Woven Fabrics2020/11/24 In the face of so many false promises on the Internet, how should we distinguish the quality of PP woven fabrics? Here is a detailed explanation:1. Check whether there is broken silk, extruded silk, f... view
  • Five Parameters of PP Woven Bags2020/11/17 It is necessary for both manufacturers and customers to fully understand the parameters of PP woven bags, so as to produce or buy high-quality products. Next, let us know about each parameter of PP wo... view
  • National Standard for Polypropylene Grain Bags2020/11/10 With the rapid economy development of China, the purchasing power level and consumption willingness of domestic residents gradually increase and people tend to further improve the quality of life in t... view
  • How to Distinguish the Quality of Polypropylene Feed Bags2020/11/03 To understand the quality of polypropylene feed bags, we can start from their tension and thickness, which mainly depend on the materials and the weight of feed woven bags.Feed woven bags are made of ... view
  • Features and Functions of PP Woven Fabric2020/10/22 1. The filtering function of PP woven fabric: It is used as the filtering layer of embankments, dams, rivers, coastal stone beaches, soil slopes and retaining walls, so as to prevent sand particles fr... view
  • Brief Introduction of PP Woven Bag Production Technology2020/10/15 PP woven bags are made by weaving the ribbon-like filaments that are formed by extruding and stretching, weaving and knitting the polypropylene resin, the main raw material of PP woven bags. PP is the... view
  • Causes and Solutions of PP Woven Bag Aging2020/10/08 Now there are various PP woven bags on the market, such as rice woven bags, fertilizer woven bags, flour woven bags, feed woven bags and so on. PP woven bags are mainly used in the assembly and packag... view
  • PP Woven Bags Can Enhance the Publicity Effect2020/10/01 PP woven bags are widely used mainly for the packaging of various items, and they are extensively used in industry. PP woven bags are made by weaving the ribbon-like filaments that are formed by extru... view
  • Environmental Protection Property is the Greatest Advantage of Polypropylene Feed Bags2020/09/24 The polypropylene feed bag is non-toxic, tasteless, with low density, exquisite electrical function and high-frequency insulation, and it will not be affected by humidity. PP is a kind of translucent ... view
  • What is Paper-plastic Compound Bag?2020/09/17 The paper poly bags produced by Morn Packaging Co.,ltd are mainly paper-plastic compound bags. The paper-plastic compound bag is compounded by the type casting method with the plastic woven bag (cloth... view