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National Standard for Polypropylene Grain Bags

With the rapid economy development of China, the purchasing power level and consumption willingness of domestic residents gradually increase and people tend to further improve the quality of life in terms of the consumption concept, therefor, people also pay more and more attention to polypropylene grain bags.

Polypropylene grain bags are made of polyethylene through drawing process, and they are mainly used as packaging for grains. Due to the characteristics of grains and in order to achieve no leakage, strict requirements have been made for the standard of grain bags.

The current national standard of grain bags has made strict requirements on polypropylene grain bags from the aspects of load bearing, tensile force, size, density, etc., and the grain woven cloth needs to be checked and accepted layer by layer.

Main measuring standards:

Specification: 48*92 laying-off

Density: 18 bag tie wires

Tensile force: good

Raw materials: generally adopt new materials or 60 percent new materials plus 40 percent recycled materials.

Load bearing: 50 kg

Gram weight: 58 grams per square meter

The polypropylene grain bags produced by Morn Packaging Co.,Ltd. can be used for packaging agricultural products, such as flour, grains, seeds, rice, sugar, corns, etc., which fully meet the national standards. Please rest assured the choice and buy. We offer different grades of polypropylene woven bags for flour and grains to meet the quality and cost requirements of different customers. In addition, we can also print the logo of the grain manufacturer on the grain bags to enhance the popularity of your products. Please contact us if you are interested in our grain bags.

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