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Morn Brand New Website Comes

Morn Brand New Website Comes

Hello, world!

Here our brand new website comes, hope it would help every customer and partner from all around the world to have a better understanding on us, we will post all the news about Morn packaging and packaging industrial on our website in the future. Besides, you will be warmly welcomed to follow us on social media of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram pages.

So, let's start with our self-introduction.

MornPackaging is a manufacturing and trading company owned and run by the family Hwong since 2003 which is located in Wenzhou, China. Its employees professionally create packaging solutions for their worldwide clients in the agriculture and industrial markets.

In 2003, MORN started its OEM business of pp woven bags sewing service with their 6 only staffs in a small town "Lingxi". 2 years later, Morn has its first 20 sets of 6 shuttles circular looms and a production line of flexo printing. In 2009, MORN stared its overseas business by exporting its PP woven materials. And, Chunghsin International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd was founded in 2016 to take over all of the MORN'S oversea logistic business, those were the steps of a family business with international ambitions.

Today, MORN has grown into an enterprise with more than 215 employees, 200 sets of circular looms, 4 production lines of gravure printing and lamination. Annually manufactures more than 100million pieces of woven sacks and laminated (BOPP/Kraft paper) woven bags for domestic and overseas markets, serving clients from the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, The Philippines, Malaysia, Panama, Costa Rica, Fiji, Belarus, Nigeria, Russia and so on.

In close co-operation with its partners from 30 other countries, MORN provides packaging solutions to a worldwide customer base and learned how to achieve its own success by helping customers to success.

MORN, your exclusive adviser of packaging solutions.
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