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Manufacturing Process of PP Woven Bags

Manufacturing Process of PP Woven Bags

MornPackaging, As one of the leading manufacturers of pp woven bags/fabric in China. We are offering a complete process of pp woven bags manufacturing service, main process includes pp extruding, circular weaving, flexo printing, gravure printing, lamination, bags cutting, LDPE/HDPE inserting, gusseting, bags sewing etc. For make all you dear customers a better understanding of how to make a pp woven bag, here we attach a chart of whole production process, looking forward to hear from you for further discussion.

Manufacturing Process of PP Woven Bags
1. New Polyproylene
2. Drying Mixer Recycling Granulator
Recycling Material
Grinder Machine
3. Extruding Machine
4. Winding Machine
5. Circular Weaving 6. Fexo Printing 6. Lamination 6. Bag Cutting
Paper/Film 7. Bag Cutting 7. Gusset 7. Hemming & Sewing
Gravure Printing
8. Hemming & Sewing 8. Cutting & Sewing 8. Packing
9. Packing 9. Packing
7. Cutting & Sewing
8. PE liner insert
9. Packing

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