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Making of PP Woven Sugar Bags

Making of PP Woven Sugar Bags

Polypropylene (PP) is the main raw material of pp woven sugar bags. It is made by extrusion, drawing, weaving and bag making. PP is a translucent, semi-crystalline thermoplastic having the characteristics of the high strength, good insulation, low water absorption, high thermal temperature, low density and high crystallinity, which is the main material for making pp woven sugar bags.  Modified fillers usually include glass fibers, mineral fillers, thermoplastic rubber, etc. Plastic woven bags are widely used. At present, plastic woven bags are mainly used for agricultural products packaging, cement bags packaging, food packaging, geotechnical engineering, tourism transportation, flood materials and so on. There are three main types of woven bags: plastic woven bags (non-laminated woven bags), composite plastic woven bags and various woven fabrics. The production process of plastic woven bags is: The woven fabric through printing, cutting and sewing becomes pp woven sugar bags. Depending on the equipment used, it can be cut before printing or printed before cutting. Automatic cutting and sewing can continuously complete printing, cutting, sewing and other processes. It can also be made into valve pockets, bottom bags, etc. For plain cloth, it can be sewed and bonded to make bags. The production process of composite woven bags is to compound or coat woven fabrics, compound materials and paper or film. The obtained barrel cloth or sheet cloth can be cut, printed, sewed and made into ordinary sewing bottom bags. It can also be punched, folded, cut, printed and sewed into cement bags. The obtained sheet cloth can be sewed, bonded, printed, cut, pasted and made into paste bottom bags. It can also be welded, rolled and made into tarpaulins and geotextiles. Flat fabrics can be coated or uncoated to produce tents, geotextiles, etc. Cylindrical fabrics can also be coated or uncoated to produce tents or geotextiles.
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