Kraft laminated pp woven bags

1.Definition of Kraft paper laminated pp bags

Also known as three-in-one composite paper bag, With refined white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper outside, and plastic woven fabric (polypropylene PP or polyethylene PE)inside, through the high temperature and high pressure plastic particles PP melt, the kraft paper and Plastic woven fabrics are compounded together. That’s called kraft paper laminated pp bags.

Item:Kraft paper laminated pp bags

Size: 35cm-65cm Wide


Print: Flexo or Gravure( BOPP Laminated)

Material: White or Yellow kraft paper+PP woven fabric

Optional: Gusset/Sewing/Liner/Hot melted bottom

MOQ: 3000PCS

Regular Sizes: 40×60,45×70,45×75,50×80,50×90,55×90,55×95,60×90.

2.Features of kraft paper laminated pp bags.

2.1 High strength: kraft paper laminated pp bags has strong resistance to puncture and tearing;

2.2 Appearance: yellow or white refined kraft paper, multi-color printing, bright appearance;

2.3 Good skid resistance: the use of kraft paper with a skid resistance of 25 degrees or more, easy to stack; 

2.4 Easy loading and unloading, human or Forklifts realize unitized transport.

3.Usage of kraft paper laminated PP bags:

Usage: mainly used as package of milk powder, dextrin, feed, building materials, grain, seed, soybean meal, compound fertilizer, chemicals, additives and food additives, etc.

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