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Introduction to BOPP Bags

Nowadays the environment is an important part of world development. For the sake of our common family and for the sake of our future generations to continue to live on this planet, all walks of life should move in the direction of environment protection. Packaging industry is a relatively large industry in China. Products need marketing, so packaging plays a very important role in it, then BOPP bags were born at the right moment.

BOPP bags are made by special processing technology with two-way stretch polypropylene as the basic material. BOPP bags can be made into tubular film, L folding film, a length of film and pocket stretching film bags according to customers’ requirements, and the products are very convenient to use. In addition, BOPP bags have a high transparency, while packaging bags in the past are not transparent, so when it is liable to make mistakes in delivery, transparent stretch film bags should be chosen to identify the packaging more easily and reduce the error in transportation.

The application of BOPP bags

BOPP bags are now widely used in the packing of food, household goods, stationery, toys, sports products, glass products, ceramics, electronics and other products. With the advantages of puncture property, high transparency and permanent preservation, BOPP bags are favored by many sellers. At the same time, there is also a one-way exhaust device in the stretch film to ensure that the bags will not pollute the environment, and also ensure the relative stability in long-term transportation. Compared with traditional carton packaging, the price of BOPP bags is lower benefiting from of the low cost.

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