How to Set Up a Woven Bag Processing Factory

How to Set Up a Woven Bag Processing Factory

How to set up a woven bag processing factory? We are frequently asked by investors from abraod. Although woven bags are widely used all over the world, the weaving bag factories are still concentrated in Asian countries such as China, India and Vietnam. In many countries where woven bags are frequently used, there are still no woven bag factories. What is the reason for this? Some of them are due to technical problems. Although the equipment shortage can be solved by importing, there are no  skilled workers in production technology. When the equipment operation failure occurs, no technicians can solve the maintenance problems timely and accurately. Even if the technical problems are solved, the damage of machine parts still needs to be solved by importing, too much time consumption, it affecting production progress.  In addition, the investment in the woven bag factory is huge, especially the production line of PP woven bag fabric, from drawing to Circular loom weaving, the investment could be millions of US dollars, which is not affordable for small and medium-sized investors.

What’s more,  there are still huge advantage in labour cost and production rates in Asian countires. Direct importing of finished products from Asian countries is still cost  effectively.

However, direct importing of finished woven bags also has its inherent disadvantages, that is, timeliness.

For example, a customer in the Caribbean area needs 50000pcs of  flour woven bags. He contacted with a manufacturer of woven bags from China, ranging from negotiation to confirmation of orders and then to factory production, which will takes around 15 days. Then custom clearance, sea transportation, then land tranportation to destination, it will totally takes like 2 months. This is a disaster for urgently required bags. So, all around the world, small processing plant has begun to appear recent years. They import semi-finished woven bag fabric rolls from China and purchase some equipment for cutting, sewing and printing. After receiving the purchase order from their customers in their country, they use the woven bag fabric rolls stored in the warehouse, and to process according to the requirements of the customers, and deliver the woven bags to the customers in a very short time. This is a perfect combination of production cost and delivery time, which will become a long-term development trend in the future.

What equipments are required for a small woven bag processing factory?  Following, we will briefly introduce about the investment of pp woven bag processing factory which is oriented by the demand of the medium and economical woven sacks.

  1. 1 or 2sets of sewing and cutting machine ( 2 in 1 machine). (Around 20,000USD per set, some model with lower mechanical properties would costs 16000-18000 USD/SET)
  2. 1 set of flexographic printing machine with 4color or 6color.( Around 20,000USD for 4colors) 
  3. how to set up a woven bag processing factory How to Set Up a Woven Bag Processing Factory 2. 1 set of flexographic printing machine with 4color or 6color.( Around 20,000USD for 4colors) 
  4.  1 set of packing machine. 
  5. 1 set of  rubber plate making and sticking machine. ( Around 8000usd, 5.  Sewing thread could be set together with rolls.
  6. Inks. 
  7. Finally, the most important, To import regular size and thickness of pp woven fabric rolls from abroad.

That’s all what a basic pp woven bags processing factory need to start with, then to increase the number of machines while you get more and more orders. And perhaps, if the customers need the bags to be coated, or with colorful design printed. A set of extrusion coating machine and gravure printing machines will be needed. 

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Virgin pp & recycled pp 


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Processing technical supports include sewing*cutting machine, printing machine*threads purchasing supports

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