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How to identify the quality of woven bags

Polypropylene woven bags are widely used in flour mills, rice mills, feed mills, fertilizer plants and other industries, but many users do not know how to identify the quality of woven bags. In the process of purchasing woven bags, purchasers do not know how to carry out proper quality acceptance for the purchased woven bags. It is too late to find the broken woven bags in the process of using them. In this paper, we will introduce the tension tester which is the most commonly used instrument in the process of woven bag quality acceptance.

how to identify the quality of woven bags How to identify the quality of woven bags

The tensile testing machine is mainly used for testing the maximum tensile force, tensile strength, elongation, peeling and other mechanical properties of woven bags, composite woven bags and other textile, monofilament, non-woven fabrics and other materials. It can save the test data and results, and has the necessary functions of curve display, query, etc. the test speed can be continuously adjusted, the sample breaking automatically stops, and the peak value can be maintained. It is not only an instrument for woven bag enterprises, flour mills, cement packaging, fertilizer plants, feed factories and other enterprises to detect the tension of woven bags, but also an ideal equipment for quality inspection institutions to supervise and inspect the product quality of enterprises.

Main technical parameters of woven bag tensile testing machine:

Capacity: 50, 100, 200, 500kg (optional)

Unit switching: G, kg, N, lb (international standard system, metric system and British system are provided, which can be switched by themselves) load resolution: 1 / 250000

Load accuracy: ± 0.25%

Maximum stroke: 1000mm (excluding fixture)

Test speed: 0.1-300 mm / min (freely adjusted by computer)

Power system: Panasonic AC servo motor + drive

Transmission mode: high precision ball screw

Display device: full computer control (can display and print test times, test value, maximum value, fracture value, can make report data required by customers, etc.)

Characteristics of woven bag tensile testing machine

1. The servo motor and servo speed control system with perfect control system can feed back information and speed control range.

2. The use of high-quality and high-precision force measuring device, deformation measuring device and displacement measuring device, stable operation, low noise

3. LCD display has operation and display interface, through the touch key operation, LCD performance timely performance test data and effect

4. By controlling the key of the LCD display, the beam can be adjusted to rise and fall quickly when the sample is clamped.

5. The host is specially equipped with USB interface, which can be connected with micro printer to realize the storage and printing of test data

How to use extensometer of woven bag tensile testing machine

1. For extensometer, firstly, the gauge card is inserted between the limit rod and the deformation transfer rod;  firstly, the positioning pin is inserted into the positioning hole;

2. Clamp the upper and lower ends of the extensometer with two fingers, contact the midpoint of the upper and lower knife edges with the test piece (measuring part of the test piece), and fix the upper and lower knife edges of the extensometer on the test piece with spring clip or rubber band;

3. For extensometer: remove gauge card or locating pin( Remember: check before experiment to avoid damage of extensometer.)

4. In the interface of the control software of the woven bag tensile testing machine, select the deformation measurement method: extensometer; For the selected curve, the tracking mode is load deformation curve;

5. The signal display of extensometer is adjusted to zero;

6. According to the size of the measured deformation, the amplifier attenuation is selected.

Experimental equipment of woven bag tensile testing machine

Generally, the accuracy of woven bag tensile testing machine shall not be less than 1%. The range of woven bag tensile testing machine can meet the requirement of 0.5% in the range of 1 ~ 100% from the perspective of sensor.

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