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How to Distinguish the Quality of PP Woven Fabrics

In the face of so many false promises on the Internet, how should we distinguish the quality of PP woven fabrics? Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Check whether there is broken silk, extruded silk, folded cloth or thin weft in PP woven fabrics.

2. Check whether the width and size of PP woven fabrics are consistent, whether the length conforms to the grammage, etc..

3. Judge from the color of the woven fabrics. Generally speaking, the quality of white woven fabrics is better than that of grey ones, and the quaity of grey-green woven fabrics is the worst.

4. Judge from the quantity of the filling master batch in PP woven fabrics. The woven fabrics without filling master batch is transparent. (Please carefully distinguish polypropylene and polypropyl, because there is a difference between the two materials.)

5. Judge whether the woven fabrics are made of new materials or reworked materials (recycled material is also called recycled material)

6. Check whether the PP woven fabric surface is flat and whether there is fold, oil, knot, etc.

7. Check whether the side edge of PP woven fabric is neat, whether the side edge is loose, etc.

8. Judge from the grammage of PP woven fabrics. Under normal circumstances, the grammage of new material woven fabrics is not less than 65g/m2, on the contrary, the grammage of a lot of recycled materials is generally 40-60g /m2.

9. Check the tensile strength of PP woven fabrics, and ask the seller how many Newtons the tensile strength of the pp woven fabric can reach, and whether it conforms to national standards.

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