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How to Distinguish the Quality of Polypropylene Feed Bags

To understand the quality of polypropylene feed bags, we can start from their tension and thickness, which mainly depend on the materials and the weight of feed woven bags.

Feed woven bags are made of PP particles. Usually, the PP particles include new materials and recycled materials. As the name suggests, the tension and transparency of new materials far exceed those of recycled materials. New material woven bags are usually transparent or translucent, white and bright, and they have very good toughness and tension. Recycled woven bags are also measured according to the recovery degree of recycled materials and the amount of the masterbatch added.

The transparency and tension can be sorted by color. Generally speaking, the tension and transparency of white woven bags > those of yellow ones> those of green ones> those of gray ones. Of course, it is not absolute. For example, there are some rules for the same color: the transparency and tension of transparent woven bags> those of translucent ones> those of bright white ones≥ those of normal white ones > those of fog white ones> those of white ones; for yellow woven bags, the transparency and tension of bright yellow ones> those of bright yellow ones> those of ordinary yellow ones> those of secondary yellow ones.

The quality of woven bags is closely related to the grammage. Generally speaking, the higher the weight, the thicker the bag, the better the quality. For grey woven bags, the material quality is usually similar and the measurement standard is by weight.

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