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How to Choose a Right PP Woven Bag?

How to Choose a Right PP Woven Bag?

PP Woven bags are widely used in many aspects during our daily life. When you are buying some pp woven bags, you may need to know what is the difference between new or recycled woven sacks, and how to distinguish them. Let's have a brief discussion then.

Firstly, New or recycled are not for the bag itself, but for the polypropylene materials which applied on bags’ production. As we know, the production process of pp woven bags is to extrude the polypropylene particles into yarns and weave them as tube fabric, then cut and sew.

Secondly, what's the source of polypropylene material? Polypropylene particles can be divided into new materials and recycled materials. The so-called new materials (virgin new pp) are decomposed directly from petroleum. But the recycled materials are made from waste woven bags by recycling them. And there are some quality levels of pp woven sacks which uses mixture of new and recycled polypropylene materials.

Thirdly, difference between Recycled PP Materials and New PP Materials. New material woven bags generally refer to transparent and very white and bright woven bags, of course, some dyes can also be added to other colors, the main features are good tension, smooth, high brightness. But recycled material woven bags generally refer to gray and dark color woven bags, through repeated recycling, the tension of woven bags is not so good, the color brightness becomes dim and dull. 

Last but the most important, How to choose a pp woven bag type, new or recycled? Basically, the first rule is to choose a proper one based on your applications. New pp woven bags are generally applied in packing foods staff and some circumstance needs the package to be extremely strong, but of course, the 100% virgin polypropylene sacks has its disadvantage of high costing. Recycled pp woven sacks are cheaper but not in good strength as new one did.   

Mornpackaging, who focused on polypropylene bags producing for more than 15years, provides all quality levels of pp woven fabrics and bags, offer you options on 100% new materials packages, and with different percentage of recycled pp mixed materials also. Just concentrate on your products and rely the packaging matters on us.
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