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Guide for classification and identification of degradable plastic products in China

On September 13, the China Federation of light industry formulated and issued the guidelines for classification and identification of degradable plastic products (hereinafter referred to as the guide). The “guide” further defines the concept and definition of degradable plastics, and puts forward specific requirements for the identification of degradable plastics from five aspects: scope, product definition and classification, testing methods of degradability, identification requirements, identification styles and specifications. At the same time, the guide requires relevant product manufacturers, sales enterprises, retail supermarkets, catering enterprises and other users, as well as relevant units, to conscientiously implement the national policies and measures to control plastic pollution, actively carry out product identification and procurement in accordance with the guide, and strengthen identification management.

Under the guidance of the State Administration of market supervision and administration and other ministries and commissions, the guidelines were drafted by the Institute of light industrial plastics processing and application, China Plastics Association degradable plastics professional committee and other units organized by China Light Industry Federation. The drafting work of the guide has been supported by China Institute of standardization, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Federation of Commerce, China chain operation association, light industry plastics processing and Application Research Institute, National Technical Committee for standardization of plastic products, National Technical Committee for standardization of bio based materials and degradable products, and relevant production enterprises In the form of e-mail, written documents and so on, we solicited opinions from the whole society and finally formed the “guide” through examination and approval.

The degradable plastic identification specified in the guide is divided into text identification and graphic identification. The text identification shall include: product type (resin, masterbatch, special material, film, sheet, box, cup), product standard or degradation test method standard, product name (degradation environmental conditions + specific product name), product specification (length, width, thickness, weight), material quality, etc.

The graphic identification is shown in the figure below.

guide for classification and identification of degradable plastic products in china Guide for classification and identification of degradable plastic products in China

The graphic logo is a green smiling face pattern with arrow circle, double “J” (degradation initials), material abbreviations (such as PBAT, PLA, PBS, etc.), six degradation environmental names (optional), national product standards and product names. Its meaning is that through the use of degradable plastics, the goal of complete degradation without environmental pollution under corresponding conditions can be achieved. The circular circle with arrow shows that degradable plastics can also be recycled and reused, even if they are leaked into the environment, they can be completely degraded and absorbed by the environment. “JJ” is anthropomorphic and adopts the structural layout of small on the left and large on the right, reflecting the design concept of caring for the environment from the small to the old.

The degradable plastic identification stipulated in the guidelines is recognizable and easy to understand. It is not only the identification of the degradable performance of the products when the producers manufacture the products, but also the identification basis for the merchants and users when purchasing. At the same time, it is also the most direct means for consumers to know whether the products are degradable plastics when they use them, which can facilitate the quality inspection and improve the supervision efficiency.

In the next step, in order to further standardize the market environment of degradable plastics, China Light Industry Federation, China Federation of Commerce and plastics processing industry association will organize industry enterprises to vigorously promote the implementation of the guide, promote the use of identification by degradable plastics production enterprises that meet the requirements, and organize trade circulation and catering enterprises to connect supply and demand according to the standards and identification requirements. In addition, the State Administration of market supervision will accelerate the formulation and revision of relevant national standards for degradable plastic products, build a unified and standardized identification system for degradable plastics, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

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