Flexo printed pp woven bags

1.What is Flexo printed pp woven bags?

Flexography, also often referred to simply as flexo printing, uses a flexographic printing plate that transmits ink using an anilox roller. Flexo printing, printing plates generally use photosensitive resin plate thickness 1-5mm. Ink is divided into three major categories, which are water-based inks, alcohol-soluble inks, and UV inks. Because the ink used in flexographic printing is in line with green environmental protection, it has been widely used in food packaging and printing, and it has broad prospects. Flexo printing is of the type of letterpress.

Flexo printing, offset printing, gravure printing and screen printing are the most common four printing methods in the world. They have their own characteristics and they have their own merits. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, flexo printing has developed rapidly. Packaging printing has changed from gravure and offset printing to flexo printing, and flexo printing is used in about 70% of packaging material. 

We take this printing method onto the pp woven material to make flexo printed pp woven bags.


Item: Flexo Printed PP woven bags

Size: 25cm-160cm Wide.

Thickness: 55gsm-200gsm

Material: New PP or Mixed with recycled. 

Printing: Max 6 colors design. 


Packing: 100/bundle, 10bundle/bale. 

Optional: Gusset, folding, stitching, hemming.


2.Features of Flexo printed pp woven bags

Comparing with gravure, offset and traditional embossing, fleo printed pp woven bags have its own distinctive features:
2.1 Low cost
Comparing with the gravure printing machine of the same color group and the corresponding offset printing machine, the flexographic printing press is much lower in price. In addition, the flexographic printing press integrates various processes such as printing, die-cutting, and glossing, and multiple processes can be completed at one time, eliminating the need for additional post-processing equipment and providing high return on investment.
2.2 Simple equipment required
The device structure is relatively simple and therefore it is relatively simple and convenient to operate.
2.3 Efficient
Flexo printed pp woven bags uses roll pp woven fabric for printing, which can not only achieve double-sided printing of printing materials, but also can complete the work of on-line light (or lamination), bronzing, die cutting, waste discharge, and winding. It greatly shortens the production cycle, saves manpower, material resources, and financial resources, reduces production costs, and improves economic efficiency.
2.4 Good quality
The quality of the printed matter is good, the printing accuracy can reach 150 lines/inch, and the printed matter has rich layers, vivid colors, and good visual effects, and is particularly suitable for packaging and printing requirements.
2.5 Environmental protection
The use of new water-based inks and solvent-based inks, non-toxic, non-polluting, fully in line with the requirements of the green environment, but also to meet the requirements of food packaging.
2.6 Energy saving.                                                                                                                                                                         The flexo printing press uses reel-type material that can be used online with many postpress equipment, greatly reducing the cycle time. Flexo printing costs only 10% to 20% of gravure, consumes 1/3 less ink than gravure, saves 40% of electricity, and rejects only 1% to 2%, which is lower than gravure and offset printing. It makes flexo printed pp woven bags do competitive on rates. 

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