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Five Parameters of PP Woven Bags

It is necessary for both manufacturers and customers to fully understand the parameters of PP woven bags, so as to produce or buy high-quality products. Next, let us know about each parameter of PP woven bags.

1. The mass per unit area of the woven bags. The mass per unit area of woven bags is expressed in the form of grams per square meter, which is an important technical index of woven bags. The grammage mainly depends on the density of warp and weft and the thickness of ribbon-like filaments. The grammage affects the tensile strength and load capacity of woven bags, and it is also a main link for production enterprises to control the cost.

2. The tolerance of braided density. Braided density tolerance refers to the number of ribbon-like filaments that are more or less than a given standard braided density. 

3. The width. The width of all kinds of woven fabrics directly affects the bag-making process. The width of reel cloth is expressed by the fold warp, which is equal to half of the circumference. The width has certain retraction rate. When any kind of woven fabric is made into bags after unfolding and cutting, printing and stitching, the width will be slightly less than that of the weaving take-up, which is called width retraction.

4. The tension load of woven bags. Tension load is also known as strength of extension or tensile strength. It is called warp tension load and weft tension load for the woven bag can bear both the warp and weft tension load. 

5. The hand Feeling. PP woven bags have thicker hand feeling, and they are rougher and harder. Adding calcium master batch in PP woven bags will make them feel crisp, and adding a little HDPE will make them softer.

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