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Features of FIBCs

Nowadays, flexible freight bags are more and more widely used in the transportation of goods. Flexible freight bag is also called ton bag, for its loading capaxity is generally measured by tons. At present, the flexible freight bag contains 0.5-3 tons of goods, with volume 500-2300 L. It is easy to transport bulk powder-like material and featured with large-volume, light-weight itself, easy to load and unload and is one of the common packaging materials.

It is characterized by simple structure, light-weight itself, foldable, space-efficiency and low-cost. Flexible freight bag is a flexible transport packaging container with the advantages of moisture-proof, dustproof, radiation-resistant , sturdy, and has sufficient strength in structure. For it’s easy to load, unload and move the flexible freight bags, the working efficiency has be obviously improved and developed fast in recent years.

Polypropylene is the main raw material of the container bag evenly mixed with a small amount of stable materials, melted and extruded into plastic film through extruding machine, into tapes, then stretched, made into high-strength and low-elongation PP raw tapes by heat setting, then made into base cloth through weaving and coating, finally stitched with sling and other accessories to complete a container bag.

Flexible freight bags are divided into three types, in the name of shape: circular, square and U-Panel. The hoisting structure can be divided in the top type, the side type and the bottom type, usually with a discharge spout. Widely used in chemical, building materials, plastics, mineral products in the manners of all kinds of powdery, granular, block articles, it’s a ideal choice for storage, transportation and other industries.

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