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Features and Functions of PP Woven Fabric

1. The filtering function of PP woven fabric: It is used as the filtering layer of embankments, dams, rivers, coastal stone beaches, soil slopes and retaining walls, so as to prevent sand particles from passing through and make water or air pass freely.

2. The protection function of PP woven fabric: prevent the erosion of bank slopes by wind, wave, tide and rain, protect bank slope and dam bottom, and prevent soil erosion.

3. The reinforcement function of PP woven fabric: It can be used in geotechnical engineering such as highway, railway, airport, rock dam, breakwater, retaining wall backfilling and side dam to disperse soil stress, increase soil modulus, limit soil sliding and improve soil stability.

The reasons why PP woven fabric can be used as a weed control fabric are as follows:

1. PP woven fabric has all the functions of weed control fabrics, and the main effect is to prevent grass growth, which is its most important core function.

2. The plasticity of PP woven fabric is more adaptable to outdoor environment, such as in aspects of being anti-sunburn, waterproof, rainproof and snow proof.

3. PP woven fabric has a long service life and can be used for as long as 10 years. Manpower and material resources for frequent replacement are unnecessary and there is no additional increase of cost.

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