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Characteristics of PP Woven Bags

PP woven bag is very popular because it has some general peculiarities of PP and its own peculiarities. The details are as follows:

1. Light weight

PP is generally light and the density of plastic woven fabric is about 0.9-0.98 g/cm3. The common PP woven bag is equal to the density of PP if no filter is added. The density of PP is 0.9-0.91g/cm3. Normally the fabric is lighter than water.

2. High breaking strength

PP woven bag is a kind of flexible and high breaking strength material in PP products. If specific strength (strength/specific gravity) is used to measure PP woven bag, it is higher or close to the metal material.

3. Good resistance to chemical corrosion

PP Woven bags have good corrosion resistance to inorganic and organic substances. It has no effect on the woven bag for a long time below 100℃. It has strong chemical stability to solvents and oils.

4. Good abrasion resistance

The friction coefficient between pure PP woven bags is only about 0.12, which is similar to nylon. To some extent, the friction between PP woven bags and their objects inside has lubrication effect.

5. Good electrical insulation

The pure PP woven bag is an excellent electrical insulator. Because it does not absorb moisture and is not affected by moisture in the air.

6. Good environmental resistance

At normal temperature, PP woven bag is actually completely free from water erosion. The water absorption rate within 24 hours is lower than 0.01, and the moisture penetration is very low as well. At low temperature, it becomes fragile and brittle. PP woven bags will not mildew.

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