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Causes and Solutions of PP Woven Bag Aging

Now there are various PP woven bags on the market, such as rice woven bags, fertilizer woven bags, flour woven bags, feed woven bags and so on. PP woven bags are mainly used in the assembly and packaging of various items and extensively applied in production and life.

Users should attach great importance to the aging of PP woven bags. The reuse of high-quality woven bags can reduce unnecessary waste of resources and environmental pollution.

The causes of woven bag aging are as follows:

1. In natural environment, that is, under direct sunlight, the strength of PP woven bags decreases by 25% after one week and by 40% after two weeks. In other words, the storage of woven bags is very important.

2. In the storage and transportation process of PP woven bags, if the temperature is too high (container transportation) or rainwater is encountered, the strength of the bags will decrease, thus failing to meet the quality requirements of protecting the contents.

3. Excessive addition of recycled materials is also one of the reasons for the aging of PP woven bags.

So how to prevent pp woven bags from aging?

Store the woven bags in a cool and clean room; avoid the sun and rain during transportation; keep away from heat source; and the storage period should not exceed 18 months.

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