BOPP Laminated wpp bags

1. What is BOPP Laminated WPP Bags?

1.1 About BOPP .

BOPP is the abbreviation of “Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene”, it is a bidirectional stretched Polypropylene film. Its production process is firstly to shape the polypropylene polymer melt as sheets or  thick films through a long and narrow panel, then in a special-made stretcher with certain temperature and speed, stretch the material from two vertical directions (machine direction,transverse direction). After the shaping process, some special treatment will be taken on the BOPP film base on its specific application, such as Corona, coating etc. Bopp is widely used as packaging material or printing lamination material. It’s easy to be coated, laminated, and printed with require appearance as a packaging material.

1.2 About Lamination.

Dry laminating method is regularly taken to make bopp laminated wpp bags. Dry laminating refers to a method in which adhesives are compounded in a dry state. First, a binder is coated on a substrate and dried in a drying tunnel to completely dry the solvent in the binder. In the heated state, the adhesive is melted, another base material is attached thereto, and after cooling, it is cured to produce a composite material with excellent properties. After the bopp film be printed by Gravure printing machines with designs of required, it will be ready to laminate the bopp and wpp fabric together. 

1.3 About WPP bags.

Wpp bags is Short for “Woven polypropylene bags”. Woven, or weaving is a method of many threads or tapes woven in two directions (warp and weft), to form a fabric into shape of tube or sheets for specific applications,  The applications could be pp woven bags, tarpaulins , geotextile fabric,  mattress ticking etc. What we do is to directly cut the pp woven fabric into certain length and sew, or laminate it or do printings on it to fulfill the users’ requirements. Wpp tube bag rolls are the basic cloth of BOPP Laminated wpp bags.

2. Application and features of BOPP Laminated WPP Bags.

BOPP Laminated wpp bags are good choices for wholesale & retail packaging of products like,

  • Rice and seeds
  • Animal feeds and fertilizer
  • Chemicals
  • Foodstuff
  • Construction material
  • Transportation

Mornpackaging’s BOPP Laminated WPP Bags  offer the following features:

  •  Eco friendly Green Ink printing system
  •  100% recyclable
  •  Back seam or seamless (tubular) design
  •  Optional White or transparent fabric for product visibility.
  •  Perforations for breath ability.
  •  Range of different handle configurations
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