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Application Range Of PP Woven Bags

Due to the products and price, our country each year, 6 billion woven bag is used for cement packaging, accounting for more than 85% of the bulk cement packaging, with the development and application of flexible container bags, plastic woven container bag, widely used in sea transportation packaging of industrial and agricultural products, in the agricultural product packaging, plastic
pp woven bag has been widely used in aquatic product packing, poultry feed, farms cover material, crops of sun, wind, hail proof tent etc.

Common products: feed woven bag, chemical woven bag, putty powder pp woven bag, urea woven bag, vegetable mesh bags, fruit mesh bags.

Food packaging

Rice, flour and other food packaging has gradually adopted pp woven bag packaging. Common woven bags are: rice
pp woven bags, flour
pp woven bags, corn
pp woven bags and other
pp woven bags.

Geotechnical engineering

Since the development of geotextile in the 1980s, the application field of plastic woven fabric has been broadened and widely used in the engineering construction of small water conservancy, electric power, highway, railway, seaport, mine construction and military. In these projects, geosynthetic materials have the functions of filtration, drainage, strengthening, isolation and anti-seepage. Plastic geotextile is a kind of synthetic geotextile.

Tourism transportation

Temporary tents, parasols, all kinds of travel bags, travel bags in the tourism industry, plastic woven applications. Various tarpaulins are widely used as covering materials for transportation and storage. Construction of fences, nets, etc. Are also widely used in plastic woven fabrics. Common are: logistics bags, logistics bags, freight bags, such as freight bags.

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